What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 3 - Page 6

Mentor Profiles Name: Mr. Conroy Years Involved With The Team: 2 Why They Joined: I first became excited about FIRST when I saw Dean Kamen speak at the conference. I was attracted to what FIRST stood for and how much of an impact the programs could make on the youth. When my son decided to join Buzz, I thought it was a good opportunity to try the program myself. Favorite Memory: Last year, when Buzz was competing in the re- gional championships in Boston, MA, I most enjoyed watching Buzz cheer in stands and seeing everyone's face at the end of the weekend, when we realized the team qualified for Nationals from our own suc- cess, not just from our Chairman's Award status. "We earned it!" What You Hope The Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: An appreciation for the value of being able to work in cooperative team environment. I also want all the students to un- derstand that everyone has a role or talent that can help the team. Specialty: I work on building the practice field, but in the coming years, I’d be interested in possi- bly working more on the robot or with the electrical team. Affiliation: Optical engineer Name: Mr. Mason Years Involved With The Team: 7 Why They Joined: I enjoy working in the shop with the kids and teaching them skills they couldn’t learn in most oth- er programs. Favorite Memory: I most enjoy watching all the competi- tive students at the world championships, specifically St. Louis in 2016. I enjoy spending build season helping the ro- bot be constructed with the team but, it’s nice to finally go the events and see the students cheering; each knowing they helped to make the robot work and make it to that event. What You Hope The Students Take Away From What You Teach Us: An apprecia- tion for the dedication of the mentors and their wealth of knowledge they are sharing with the students. I want the students to recognize how easy it is to create something new with hard work. Specialty: I mainly work on building the practice field but, I also complete any jobs in the shop to help finish the robot. Affiliation: Operations management Issue 3: February 16, 2019 PAGE 6