What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 3 - Page 4

The Progression of this Season Within Buzz, each student is part of a subgroup where they usually work: pro- gramming, electrical or, mechanical. Each student is then further divided into groups within the subgroups that dictate which part of the robot the student will be spending the majority of their time working on, such as specific mechanisms or codes. This year, the groups divided into even smaller groups in the mechanical subgroup, with students working with the same concept (for exam- ple using hook tape to pick up the hatch) but with different applications (hook tape on rollers, hook tape on bars, etc.). This was done to explore as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time. Although Buzz spent multiple weeks in this prototyping/ planning phase, the extra time spent was worth it once the construct of the final robot actually began. Knowing specifically what concepts wouldn’t work after execution led to the elimination of multiple problems Buzz has experienced in the past, such as mechanisms not working as planned. In addition, this year Buzz kept an “Engineering Notebook” which tracks the team’s progression throughout build season. Maintained by senior, Sa- rah Boynton, this document is a catalog of all of Buzz’s discoveries from pneumatic powered pistons needed to detach the hatch from our mechanism to deciding to use a pixie camera. Tracking these dis- coveries will aid Buzz in discussing our build season progress to judges at our competitions coming up in March and April but also will provide a key teaching material to the future students of Team 175. This is the 24th season of Buzz Robotics and much has been learned over these years but, without being recorded, this knowledge has needed to be tested over again each year to check uncer- tain facts. By using the notebook as a tool to track progress, the team can now record successes and failures accurately. Therefore, previously discovered knowledge does not have to be retested and can build up over time to make future build seasons go more smoothly. Issue 3: February 16, 2019 PAGE 4