What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 3 - Page 3

Building the 2019 Bot Our manipulator was the first mechanism to be completed! As shown below, the manipulator has a octagonal shape with two black hook tape covered rollers to hold the hatch cover and white foam with netting to catch the cargo ball. Air pistons are used to push the hatch cover off of the hook tape easily and guides attached to springs are used to make sure the hook tape on the rollers doesn’t attach to the rug on the field. The team has been tediously working on the drive train components. Students drilled holes in the C-channels for the frame, along with cut T-slot aluminum channels down to size. The team used CAD to depict the layout of the drive system in order to get a better grasp on how the mechanisms will fit on the frame. The drive train is shown on the right. The lift system, constructed by Jim Rapacki, uses two mechanisms (a lift in the front of the robot and one in the rear) to lift the robot onto the 2nd or 3rd platform of the habitat. First the front lift will elevate the front of the robot until the front wheels of the drive train are high enough to place on the habitat. Once the front wheels are on the platform, the front lift retracts into the robot and the front wheels of the bot pull the robot forward onto the platform. Simultaneously, the rear lift then lifts the back of the robot, so it is level, and the robot drives onto the habitat plat- form. The lift is shown on the right. Issue 3: February 16, 2019 PAGE 3