What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 3 - Page 2

Building the 2019 Bot Throughout build, the electrical team has been testing components for the upcoming frame. They tested old parts to see which are still usable. Electrical also planned the breadboard via making a poster to get the freshmen and new members acquainted with electronics fundamentals. A part of the electrical board is shown above. This year, our goal for the elevator is to be able to reach 7 feet up in the air to score cargo and place hatch covers on the rock- et. We went with a pretty minimalistic ele- vator design, made out of aluminum beams. To avoid any weight exceeding is- sues in the future, we drilled holes in the aluminum side beams to reduce as much mass as possible. For the extending func- tion, we used chains and a cord that would move simultaneously to bring the manipulator to where we want it. As the chain turns, it pulls the first stage of the elevator up and, at the same time, the cord pulls the carriage with the manipula- tor up (second stage). The second stage lifts up twice as fast as the first stage mechanism. This ensures a quick and reli- able placing or pickup of the scoring ob- jects. The elevator is shown to the left. Issue 3: February 16, 2019 PAGE 2