Western Pallet Magazine May 2023 | Page 19

MAY 2023

increasing defect detection would be paramount to the success of the project,” he said.

“We built the technology with the ability to identify an anomaly within the thickness of a human hair,” Medeiros continued. “It is similar to what automobile manufacturers use to inspect cars for defects as they leave the factory.”

With Vision X, a full pallet inspection can be performed and the pallet conveyed to its assigned location in just 6 seconds, a significant improvement compared to the potential one-minute duration of manual inspections. Furthermore, Vision X generates pallet-specific and detailed repair instructions and automatically routes the pallet to the specialist trained for the particular type of repair.

Vision X has also enhanced workplace ergonomics for employees who previously had to lift and move pallets manually. Medeiros stated that by redesigning the workflow and incorporating material handling and conveyance equipment, they have eliminated several manual handling steps, thereby decreasing the risk of injury or strain. This not only improved throughput but also created a safer working environment for the employees.

Another advantage of the system has been the creation of a database documenting trends in pallet condition.

“We can pull data and drill down into the condition of pallets and their maintenance needs,” Medeiros explained. “Then we can go back, share our findings, and help adjust work practices to reduce damage. Ultimately, that helps us turn pallets faster for the customer while keeping repair costs in check – which is a win-win for both.”

Vision X has significantly enhanced inspection accuracy, surpassing the precision of repair operators by over ten times, effectively reducing the need for rework to correct any missed defects or damages.

PECO  continues to lean into technology solutions in addition to Vision-X. In February 2023, the company also announced that it had entered into an agreement with Optilogic, a provider of supply chain design and modeling solutions that use robust optimization, simulation, and risk rating capabilities to create the most resilient supply chain designs.

PECO said it was using Optilogic to model and optimize scenarios across its network.