Western Pallet Magazine May 2023 | Page 17

MAY 2023

White & Company Announces Unit Load Short Course

White & Company will be hosting its first annual unit load design short course September 26-28, 2023, at the Inn at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia. The course will be valuable for sellers, buyers and users of pallets and distribution packaging materials. Given the crucial role of unit loads in supply chains, the course will also interest logistics decision-makers.

By optimizing unit load design, overall packaging cost can be reduced while also reducing the risk of product damage and stability concerns that can pose safety risks and operational delays. 

The course will be led by Dr. Marshall White, president of White & Company and professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, and Braden White, Executive Director of White & Company. The offering will also include a tour of the Center for Unit Load Design.

The short course will feature Best Load™ and Best Pallet™ software. The software uses modern 3D, FEA, structural analysis techniques to simulate unit load supply chain

operations and generate performance outputs such as maximum safe load carrying capacity for pallets and

Learn how to use the software to de-carbonize and design more sustainable unit loads.

maximum applied compression stress on distribution packaging systems.

Best Load software continues to add new improvements. At the short course, two new features will be introduced, including analysis of the interaction between deck board stiffness and box strength as well as unit load containment force considerations to help users of Best Load optimize plastic wrap gauge and wrap pattern selection.

Learn how to use the software to de-carbonize and design more sustainable unit loads. To find out more, contact White & Company at 540-230-1233.