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inexpensive to add to your website. He cited Tidio (www.tidio.com) as a free chatbot to consider. Working with one client, they hired an entry-level person, provided limited training, and supported her with appropriate scripts to address customer queries. Another tool he mentioned was Calendly, a free software product for meeting scheduling. Using Calendly (www.calendly.com) can help eliminate

all of the back and forth emails that can be generated in trying to agree on a meeting time. Casemore described it as a great tool you can add to your email signature to allow people to easily schedule a meeting.

To find out more about how Shawn Casemore and his F.A.S.T. virtual sales system, visit https://theuenetwork.com/

Ready for Normal 2.0? Recovery Checklist in 3 Steps

By Per Ohstrom, fractional Chief Marketing Officer with Chief Outsiders

As companies emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown into a new business reality, the winners will be those who stay focused on what the market needs.

We know the recession will reduce sales opportunities in many sectors, but there are bright spots. Sales in the grocery supply chain are up, as people have been cooking more at home instead of eating out. At the same time, there are legitimate fears around how the coronavirus spreads, and people must be kept informed about the safety of pallets and reusable containers for supermarkets.

Winning companies need to play to their core strengths, be prepared to pivot to exploit competitor weaknesses, and take advantage of new white spaces as customers go out of business or their needs change. This sounds like a lot, but here is a checklist that helps the navigation. It starts with activities to gain insights, formulate a strategy, and then a sure-fire plan for executing.

For this 3 Step strategy review to have good results, the CEO or leader of the business should work together with all key functions like Sales, Marketing, Operations, R&D, and Finance. Let’s look at the steps one by one.