Western Pallet Magazine July-August 2023

Members of the Western Pallet Association,

The WPA board of directors have been working diligently to execute our strategic plan which was initially developed five years ago.

To that end, we began a process of researching and identifying candidates to lead and

manage the association into the future. The candidate selection process was focused on the core mission, vision, and values of the WPA and how well those candidates fit within that framework based on their experience, skill set, and understanding of the pallet industry.

Today we are excited to share with you the next step in the evolution of the Western Pallet Association.

Our current Executive Vice President, Dave Sweitzer, has exemplified the spirit of the Western Pallet Association, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to our members and the broader pallet industry. His leadership and management have helped shape Western Pallet Association into the friendly, community-driven, and wonderful association we are today.

After 23 years of service, Dave Sweitzer will pass on the leadership and management of the association to a new successor that has been chosen and approved by the board of directors as part of our selection process. He will also be continuing in an advisory role to help guide the new leader and facilitate the transition over the coming months.

It is our pleasure to announce that Glenn Meeks will be taking on the role of Executive Vice President. Glenn is a writer, educator, and

creator in the pallet industry who is no stranger to its challenges and opportunities. His appointment will ensure that the WPA

continues to serve as a pillar of support and a beacon of innovation for the pallet industry.

As we embark on this new journey, we express our heartfelt appreciation to Dave Sweitzer for his unwavering dedication and service. We also warmly welcome Glenn Meeks, confident in his ability to carry forth the WPA's legacy of friendship and community.

Looking ahead, we believe that the future of the pallet industry is bright, especially with the Western Pallet Association as an active participant.

Thank you for your enduring support and dedication to the WPA. Your membership and participation are what makes the Western Pallet Association unique, and we eagerly anticipate the great strides we will make in the future of the pallet industry together.


The Board of Directors

Western Pallet Association

WPA Announcement: Glenn Meeks Becomes New WPA Executive Vice President

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