Western Pallet Magazine July 2021 - Page 27

Grace Johnson is Manager, Policy and Public Relations at NWPCA. She also manages the NWPCA PAC for the Association. She may be reached at 703.519.6104 or [email protected] 

JULY 2021

informed decisions with their packaging needs. Nature’s Packaging was specifically designed to meet the needs of the supply chain, and we couldn’t be more excited about the launch of this newly designed website," commented Brent McClendon, NWPCA President and CEO.

Nature's Packaging’s popular website now serves as the central, one-stop-shop website for the supply chain when seeking fact-based materials on the environmental aspects of wooden pallets to packaging professionals. There are official data numbers on wood waste as a resource, landfill avoidance, forest health, carbon emissions, and the environmental product declaration. In addition to these many research findings, naturespackaging.org provides marketing tools such as customer handouts, which can be downloaded directly from the website. There is also the carbon calculator, which allows a user to input the number of pallets reused, recycled, and saved from landfills per month and receive the CO2 emissions saved per month along with the equivalent number of cars taken off the road. Popular tools like these provide your business with reliable data for your customers to make an informed decision about their choice for packaging.

Wood packaging is Nature's Packaging, and we have a fantastic story to tell. The Nature’s Packaging campaign will keep promoting research that answers the question "why wood" and highlights the importance of healthy forests, healthy markets, and healthy communities. Members of NWPCA, CWPCA, and the WPA may use the new logo on their website and emails. Learn more, browse the new website, and download the logo at naturespackaging.org.