Western Pallet Magazine July 2021 - Page 11

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JULY 2021

PDS Version 6.3 Released

What's New in Version 6.3

PDS 6.3 introduces the design and analysis of unit loads of sheet goods. This is the first in a series of expansions that will allow custom pallets to be designed and analyzed to transport large and/or heavy products and equipment.

Improvements and new features included in PDS 6.3 are: 

- Longer pallets can now be designed and analyzed up to 30 feet. (stringers and deckboards must still be continuous pieces of lumber) 

- 4-way stringer pallets be analyzed for forklifting from the side with no need for a forklift notch, provided the bottom deckboards are tall enough for fork tine clearance. 

- The stiffness and strength of long products can be included in the analysis in all support conditions.

Some items such as cement siding boards, drywall panels, and composite deckboards can support some of their own weight. They have sufficient strength and stiffness to span between the pallet supports. In these cases, the pallet may only provide a convenient platform for forklifting and stacking while protecting the products from direct contact from the fork tines.

Historically, extremely long pallets have not been analyzed for forklift supports. Using a uniformly distributed load (UDL) results in a costly, over-built pallet. With PDS 6.3, the user can consider the stiffness of the product when designing long pallets. The products can also be checked to verify that they will not be damaged due to excessive deformations on a pallet that does not provide adequate support.

Pallet Design Help

A comprehensive PDS User’s Guide is built into the software program to help answer questions 24/7 regarding pallet design. The User’s Guide includes an overview of unit load analysis. It is readily available and accessible from the Opening Window Start Dialog, through the Help menu, and at the bottom left of every window within the design wizard. PDS Users can also search this valuable resource to learn more about pallet design from a variety of topics. Stay updated on the Pallet Design System™ by opting-in to NWPCA email communications for “PDS News.” If you need additional support assistance, contact 703-519-6104 or visit www.PalletDesignSystem.com.