Western Pallet Magazine February 2021 | Page 22


Pallet Alliance Awarded Patent for IoT-Enabled Wooden Pallet Tracking Technology

Pallet Alliance, a leading innovator in comprehensive pallet management programs for multi-site manufacturing and distribution companies, has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its revolutionary IntelliPallet™ platform, the industry’s first enterprise-scale pallet management service to integrate IoT-enabled location and environmental sensors into wooden pallets for greater supply chain and logistics visibility. The patent award (No. 506368778) marks a major breakthrough for the IntelliPallet™ IoT platform, which provides a wide range of flexible and economical wireless options, including the ability to integrate end-to-end IoT connectivity without requiring customers to convert their existing wooden pallet systems to more costly composite pallets.

“Our IntelliPallet™ platform has the potential to revolutionize how supply chain professionals operate within the logistics industry, considering that wooden pallets comprise more than 90% of today’s global palletized shipping market, and are significantly less expensive and more sustainable than engineered alternatives such as plastic or composite pallets,” said Mike Jones, a principal at Pallet Alliance. “With this patent, we look forward to expanding

the prospective market opportunities for the IntelliPallet™ while strengthening Pallet Alliance’s presence within this emerging area of the logistics industry.”

Introduced in November 2019, the IntelliPallet™ technology is compatible with mobile (cellular), Bluetooth®, LoRa WAN, and Sigfox protocols, which enable Pallet Alliance to offer optimized pallet tracking solutions, including custom end-to-end IoT connectivity, location, and data analysis specifically based on customers’ needs. Given its extensive scope of wireless connectivity options, the IntelliPallet™ platform is ideal for actively tracking pallets in both indoor and outdoor environments, and once installed, the integrated IoT module is virtually undetectable.

For more information about Pallet Alliance’s IntelliPallet™ IoT technology, please visit https://tpai.com/services/intellipallet-iot-technology/.