Western Pallet Magazine August 2021 - Page 27


C & L Wood Products

C & L Wood Products  in Hartselle, Alabama, has been providing quality pallets, mulch, and other wood products since 1975. C&L has been at its present 60-acre location since 1982 where it manufactures over 40,000 pallets and recycles over 3,500 cubic yards of solid wood waste every week.

C & L Wood Products provides a variety of products from standard pallets and mulch to specialty items, each designed to fit customers’ specific needs. They have a scragg mill that streamlines their processes while increasing the quality of their products.

C&L is committed to constant improvement of their products, the well-being of their employees, and lowering customers' costs for which they use the Pallet Design System (PDS). Their customers include Fortune 100 manufacturers as well as small and mid-sized manufacturers, food producers and distributors from such industries as automotive, component manufacturing, shippers, distributors, and steel fabricators. Approximately 80% of their customers are in the Tennessee and Cahaba Valley regions, but they service clients within a 300-mile radius.

The McVantage Group

The McVantage Group  specializes in the manufacture of wooden products including pallets, pallet lumber, and tropical hardwood products. The U.S.-based McVantage Packaging supplies pallet lumber and dunnage as well as a full line of wooden packaging products ranging from new, recycled, and “combo” pallets to custom crates, boxes, and more.

McVantage Packaging brings three generations of wood industry knowledge to the wooden packaging space. They manufacture, repair, recycle wooden pallets and crates and service the Central-Southeastern U.S. from Tuscumbia, AL and Nashville, TN. The Tuscumbia plant includes a scragg mill and various production stations for the manufacture and re-processing of their lumber products and packaging product components. They design and distribute approximately 400 different styles of wood packaging and use the Pallet Design System (PDS) software.

For over a decade, McVantage Packaging has been a no waste company; meaning that 100% of all wood goes into a product or is recycled. The byproducts are ground and sold to regional mulch companies or are used for energy.