Western Pallet Magazine August 2021 - Page 13


NWPCA Expands Offerings in Spanish

by Grace Johnson, Manager, Policy and Public Relations

In July, the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) announced a new website translated into Spanish for the wood packaging industry: palletcentral.com/tarimas-de-madera. The new site further expands the global accessibility of NWPCA and our software, Pallet Design System™. The website follows last year’s release of the NWPCA Fire Code Compliance Manual in Spanish.

“The Spanish website reflects the NWPCA’s ongoing effort to engage with wood packaging professionals who speak Spanish. The NWPCA has a growing Spanish-speaking membership base in nine different countries and the website demonstrates our commitment to enhancing our global presence by providing services in Spanish” explained Hilary Carr, Senior Mexico Consultant for NWPCA. 

There are over 67,000 jobs provided by the wood packaging industry, with Spanish being the primary language for many. This website expansion reflects the NWPCA’s continued commitment to global accessibility. It grows our reach to an estimated 463 million people who speak Spanish in 20 different countries. As the leading organization for wooden pallets and containers, this new site represents a tremendous opportunity to connect better, stay informed, and strengthen the business network for our membership.

“It’s an exciting time to be with the NWPCA and so important for the diversity they offer by promoting the NEW Spanish Microsite along with the Fire Code Manual offered in Spanish as well!” said Beatrice Vasquez, past President of The Western Pallet Association and Board Member and Hispanic Council Chairperson for NWPCA. “These are all very excellent tools for Hispanic pallet and lumber companies searching for more direction within our industry. New doors are opening up for all our Hispanic friends of the NWPCA! Thank you, NWPCA, for these efforts!”

Additionally, NWPCA’s Pallet Design System™ (PDS) is rapidly becoming the global market leader and international language of pallet and unit-load design. This new website demonstrates our commitment to service our membership where they live. Other products like a fire code storage compliance manual also broaden awareness and safety in our communities. When we can speak the same language about safety, whether in pallet design or your facility, we can ensure that pallets continue to move the world.

More details about NWPCA or the PDS software are available at www.palletcentral.com or www.palletdesignsystem.com, respectively.