Western Pallet Magazine August 2021 | Page 23


Pallet HR Master Learning Group

Offered Insights into OSHA, Onboarding, Retention and More

WTThe WPA held its most recent online event on August 17, a Master Learning Group on Human Resources. The invaluable session was moderated by Beatrice Vasquez of Oxnard Pallet and Cindy Shean of Valley Pallet. It provided an open and insightful dialogue on key issues faced by WPA-member companies. Participants "Zoomed in" from across the country, sharing thoughts on a range of topics. Some snippets of that conversation are aggregated below.

Dealing with OSHA

- Dealing with CAL OSHA has become so complicated that in my opinion, you need to almost have counsel represent you on any sort of citation.

- I've had some (OSHA inspections) that are scheduled, but most of them aren't. So beware. You have to make sure you do have a program in place. Our plant managers are told to contact us right away.

- We question field inspectors about what their purpose is at our location. And then from there based on what they tell us, we will allow them to walk through if we know it's a valid issue. But if it is not a valid issue, and they start to question us about things that we are probably not familiar with legally, that's when we bring in our attorney.

- Be very diligent with your managers, and make sure that they understand what to expect.

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