Western Pallet Magazine August 2021 | Page 16


Sierra Pacific Industries Acquires Seneca

Companies Combine Complementary, Family-Owned Forest Products Businesses With Shared Values and Sustainability Focus

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) and Seneca have announced that SPI plans to acquire Seneca and affiliates, combining two complementary, family owned forest products businesses with strong historical roots on the West Coast.

Founded in 1953, Seneca operates a 175,000-acre sustainably-managed tree farm, sawmills, and a biomass plant in Oregon. SPI, a leading lumber producer that manages over 2.1 million acres of timberland in California and Washington, as well as manufactures millwork, windows, and renewable energy. The combination of two highly complementary businesses with deep expertise in forest products will result in increased efficiency and significant benefits to employees and customers.

“Aaron Jones and Red Emmerson are both icons of the wood products industry. They were also friends and had a deep mutual respect for each other as industry leaders,” said Seneca CEO Todd Payne, in reference to the founders of their respective companies. “This proposed transfer makes so much more sense given the companies provide complementary products, and have shared family values and company culture.”

Both SPI and Seneca have a strong focus on sustainable tree management, also managing their timberland for thriving wildlife, healthy watersheds and soils, and world-class recreation. As Payne explains, “At Seneca, we grow more than we harvest annually. We have 92% more timber on our land today than we had 25 years ago. SPI also grows more than they harvest. Under their forest management plan they expect to have more large trees on their timberlands 100 years from now than they have today.”

The companies also share a company culture that recognizes employees as their most valuable asset, values the support of the communities they operate in and serve, and gives back by being dedicated to education and administering scholarship programs.

“Seneca is known for its commitment to its people and communities, sustainable forest management, innovation in manufacturing and quality wood