Western Pallet Magazine April 2016 - Page 8


May 3-5, 2016: The NWPCA and Virginia Tech are teaming up for a pallet design course from May 3-5, 2016 at the Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center (Falls Church, VA) in the Washington DC region. NWPCA Director of Science & Technology Integration, Dr. Brad Gething, joins Virginia Tech Professor Dr. Laszlo Horvath for a short course on pallet design and performance. Attendees will learn the fundamentals for both stringer and block pallets using the industry standard Pallet Design System 5.2 and much more.

Online registration is now open. Please direct any additional questions to Angela Riegel (540) 231-7107.

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NWPCA and VT Team Up for Short Course on Pallet Design

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Virginia Tech is also offering a Short Course (Aug. 23-25) at the Brooks Forest Product Center at VT, in Blacksburg VA. For more information, click here.