West Virginia Executive Winter 2022 February 2022 | Page 101

Making Strides
The ODCP tracks the completion of the objectives in the 2020 to 2022 West Virginia Substance Use Response Plan .
“ In 2021 , more than 85 % of the key performance indicators are either done or in progress , and although COVID has slowed some progress , the ODCP is still making strides in reaching goals of expanded treatment and recovery services throughout the state ,” says Christiansen .
There are currently 1,240 addiction treatment beds and 53 West Virginia Alliance for Recovery Residences certified recovery residences in the state , with 55 more in progress . The ODCP has distributed more naloxone than ever in 2021 , with more than 30,000 kits distributed and 21 counties participating in naloxone distribution events . The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy reports 10,814 naloxone kits were dispensed between January and September 2021 . QRTs now cover the entire southern part of the state and can be found in 30 counties , with teams currently under development in four additional counties .
“ West Virginia also faces unique challenges to treatment and recovery such as a lack of transportation , low workforce participation , lack of access to broadband , high poverty rates and other gaps in resources for people with SUD and mental illness that we are looking aggressively to fill ,” says Christiansen . “ It is truly an honor to see so many people in many different industries across West Virginia dedicated to helping their fellow West Virginians .”