Welsh PDP Newsletter Issue 4 4

Introduction—Rob Ward, the Centre for Recording Achievement For this edition of the Welsh PDP Supplement we have drawn on the varied contributions with a particular relevance from the rich range of activities and initiatives presented at the ‘Future Directions’ Conference. As we attended part of this we can say from first hand experience how useful it was, and how positive, innovative and creative practice is very much to the fore in the Principality. These contributions hopefully offer a flavour of this, and – with thanks to all who contributed – we wish you very happy summertime reading! The Enhancement of Personal Development Planning (PDP) and Reflective Practice in Dietetic Students at Cardiff Metropolitan University—Alison Nicholls, Cardiff Metropolitan University. The Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) policy of universities introducing PDPs by 2005/06 (QAA 2001) coincided with the increasing requirement for dietitians and other health and social care professionals to utilise reflective practice within their initial training and continued professional development (Tate and Sills 2004). Cardiff Met has two programmes in Dietetics leading to the ability on completion to apply to the Heath and Care Professions. Council (HCPC) to register as a Dietitian. The HCPC and the professional body set the curriculum which includes placement learning. A revised placement structure for dietetic education in the UK was introduced in 2001, this required students to reflect in and on their practice as a method of enhancing their skills development. In university, students develop their skills of reflection by working on their PDP from year 1, with their personal tutor. In 2004 a colleague in the Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics at Cardiff Met, studied the expectations, attitudes and experiences of a cohort of students to follow the new curriculum and placement guidelines. This study was carried out retrospectively following the second of the three placements. She found that the students thought that the PDP useful but difficult to engage with. The sample also did not see the connection between the PDP and the placement portfolios. The author was awarded a University teaching fellowship in 2006 to study the effectiveness and engagement of the PDP in students on the Dietetics programmes, to assess the integration of PDP with reflective practice carried out during work based IN THIS ISSUE Page Foregrounding PDP 1-2 The Enhancement of Personal Development Planning (PDP) and Reflective Practice in Dietetic Students at Cardiff Metropolitan University – Alison Nicholls 3 Express - Empowering Pharmacy Students to Develop their Communication Skills—Efi Mantzourani and Mat Smith 4 Students as Partners: Researching Objects at Cardiff Story Museum – Aimee Ward Foregrounding Employability 5 Metacognition and Undergraduate-Student Employability– Saffron Passam 6 Addressing Perceptions of ‘Employability’ within Healthcare Programme at Cardiff University—Keren Williamson 7 Enhancing Medical Students’ Employment Prospects in Rural and Remote Wales– Heledd Iago and Judy Mckimm 8 Forthcoming Attractions