Wedding Pricing Guide: 2020 - Page 7

MEET ELLY CEO & Lead Photographer Me in a nutshell. I have the most encouraging, appreciative, sexy husband a girl could ask for. His name is Aaron and he happens to also be a killer DJ (go figure I’d marry a dj with all those nights out dancing in my 20’s). We met in 2014, started dating in 2015 and had our intimate dream wedding at the end of 2016. I remember sitting on our first date listening to his stories and thinking… wow… THIS is why I had to wait until I was 30 to meet him. All my heartache and lessons learned were preparing me for this man. I knew right away… and so did he. <3 We have a dog named Sage (he’s a Sharpei). You know how most dogs will greet you at the door, jump on you and lick your face the first time you meet them? Well that’s not my dog. Lol. He might growl and bark and will not let you touch him. He sounds fierce but really he’s a runner. He’s super loyal and loves us.. And once he’s warmed up to you (approximately 24 hours later) he’ll love you too. We also have a super sweet kitty named Tony. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat. He typically spends his days hunting (we get lots of little gifts...ew) and napping. He runs up to the porch and greets us every time we come home. He’s a few years old and still kneads, purrs, and sucks on fluffy blankets. He’s honestly the best cat I’ve ever had… and I always had cats and dogs growing up. I grew up on a farm in Davidson County, NC. While others were having pool days over the summers, I was typically picking fruits and vegetables. Ok… It may sound like all I did was work… as a child that’s how it felt… but of course, we were rewarded with a few pools days too. :) I spent my Saturdays with my brother helping my dad sell our fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. I’m so thankful for this experience now. I know this has shaped me into the person I am today. It gave me an incredible work ethic, resilience and my entrepreneurial spirit. I can also thank my hard working mom who climbed the ranks of Teller to IT Manager at a Credit Union over 25 years. She embodies strength, resilience, and really walking the talk in everything she does. I’m a recent mom to a beautiful girl, her name is Ava Brooks. She’s currently 10 months old, just started walking (more like stumbling), loves to scream at the top of her lungs for fun and make silly noises with her mouth, throwing balls, playing drums (she’ll be a 5th generation drummer from dad’s side), meeting new people (she’s not like my dog), eating anything! More than anything, I want to live what I believe and embody someone who loves fully, respects others, lives all out and doesn’t hold anything back. I want to be alive! I want my daughter to really believe that she is capable of anything, and I know I need to live that. This is my message, not just to Ava, but to the world. When I photograph people, I intentionally photograph them in a way that shows their aliveness, how loved they are, how powerful they are, that they are capable of anything.