Wedding Pricing Guide: 2020 - Page 15

Frequently, we are asked ‘is an engagement session truly important or a ‘nice to have’ on the the long list of wed- ding expenses? The answer’s not up your photographer. Its up to you.:-) The real question is: is an engagement session truly important you?? Or is it another box to check? (Our studio used to include them in every wedding collection, and too often we discovered, it was a ‘check list’ item vs. truly wanting to celebrate separate from the wedding to create a meaningful experience and memorable art) Now, we advise our couples to think on if this is something that you truly want to display in your home? Is this time in your life something you want to remember and celebrate completely separate of your wedding day? If so, then absolutely DO IT! -Celebrating both meaningful milestones and everyday moments matter--it’s up to you to decide what you wish to celebrate!