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How Many Wedding Photographers Should You Hire? It is a great thing to plan meticulously for your wedding to be able to capture all your once-in-lifetime moments with the help of a professional photographer. Whether you need one or two photographers is something you have to decide based on various factors like the extent of details you want to be captured, or the styles of photography that you want. It also depends on your likeness to have yourself or your partner clicked, the volume of photos you want to share, and so on. Besides, if you have planned for a grand and lavish wedding, with lot of guests, multiple events spread over and a big venue, it only makes sense to have two photographers so that each event can be covered in detail and made as colorful as possible. On the other hand, if you don’t want any of these, you may want to hire just one photographer who can cover all the essential parts of the wedding for you in a neat, professional way.