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Black and White Photography To create classy and eternal memories, few brides and grooms opt for this option. It creates an impression of the golden era and enhances the mood of any image. If there is not sufficient light at the venue, black and white photography can be less perplexing and create more focus on the couple, making it easier to create the perfect wedding picture. Color Photography More colors convey more information and besides, it is nice to see the decorations in color format. In weddings, everyone wears their best dresses which are of different colors and this can be best conveyed through color photography. Colors make the photos realistic, vibrant and bring all the memories to life. If the wedding is during spring or summer, then colors are an added attraction as everywhere you can see the beauty of nature distinctly. Artistic Photographers are always all around the venue looking out for candid and natural shots. For example, you may be having an intense conversation with your fiancé, and not look at the camera at all. The photographer will capture the image beautifully, add his own artistic effect to make the perfect memory of the moment for you. Moreover, it is now very popular for couples to go to a separate location and have photoshoot done in which case they give different poses suggested by the photographers. These create an album full of memories to cherish. Reportage Photography This option is great for those who are camera-shy and don’t like posing for photos. The moments will still be captured with you focusing on the event while the photographer gets the best shots captured of your important moments and with your natural expressions. Dramatic If your venue is an outdoor one, but the lighting is poor on the day of your wedding, the photographer may have to look for other options like ‘off-camera flash’ or creating alternate lighting arrangements to get good shots. This type of photography needs lot of experience and only a true professional can do it.