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A lot really happens over coffee When you have done all the background work and have selected few good photographers, call them up and make an appointment to personally meet them. Only when you talk to them in person, you will know if their claims are genuine. It is also possible that a person is great professionally, but their way of thinking may differ from yours and that could create problems. The photographer has to cover your wedding from the beginning till the end, so he has to have the same enthusiasm throughout. If the wavelength doesn’t match, both you and the photographer may have a hard time understanding each other’s requirements. Trust the photographer and let him do his work in his style With friends and family from all over the world present in your wedding, it is understandable what a chaos there will be and the craziness and excitement is all weddings are about. Enjoy each of the moment with all of your relatives without bothering about how to capture them on the small screen. If you engage your friends or family members, they may not be able to enjoy whole of the wedding, which is not a good thing. A professional is adept at his job, and most of the times you don’t have to tell him what to do and whe