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Don’t worry too much about the cost While there may be many other more important expenses for the wedding and you may want to stick to a preset budget for photography, don’t stick to it too religiously. A little on the higher side won’t hurt specially when you see the worth and advantages of doing it. Compromising on style and quality just because of budget could prove to be a disaster for you. Do all the research Everything is available online. There is a hell lot of information about all the wedding photographers, all you need to know, how to choose the best and what not. Talk to friends for some references. Check out social media platforms to see photos of recently wed couples and see if something strikes. Find out more information about the shortlisted photographers. Read reviews about them on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. If you are not able to find it on internet, call them and have a conversation with them to know how professional their services are and how friendly and flexible they are. Check out their website. The website will help you get an idea about the level of their creativity and their style of working. Check out the number of followers they have on Instagram.