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Why A Website Will Help In Building A Wedding Photography Business • Contact form – A contact form is very important for any business site. This is because potential clients can use it when they want to contact you. They can write an email message which will be delivered to your email. From there, you can make a reply and have a conversation with them. Also, you need to add other contact information such as email and phone number on the site. This is to enable clients to reach you with ease. Lastly, there is need for a live chat feature. This feature is very important for it enables potential clients to chat with you in one go. • Slide show – A slide show is a feature that enables you to upload photos and queue them up so that potential clients can be able to see them. This s very important for it makes it easy for visitors to see photos that you have on the site. Also, you can add a video explaining your services to clients. This will help clients have a better understanding of the services that you can deliver.