Wedding Package 2018 - Country Hills Golf Club Wedding Package 2018_CHGC - Page 10

Station-Style Dining Cocktail Reception Chef’s Recommendation One (1) hour cocktail reception prior to dinner: estimate 4-6 pieces per person One (1) hour cocktail reception without dinner service: estimate 10-12 pieces per person C hilled C anapés Priced per dozen with a minimum order of two dozen per selection unless noted. Passed butler service to your guests can be made available. One (1) butler required per selection at $75 per butler. Grape and gorgonzola ‘truffles’, pistachio crust, pepper jelly $ 24 Vegetable and pulse ceviche, coconut ‘tigers milk’ $ 30 Truffle ricotta and mushroom bruschetta, crostini, aged balsamic $ 28 Avocado toast, slow roasted tomato, fontina, micro arugula $ 28 Prosciutto slider, apple, pecorino cheese, arugula, honey aioli, sweet brioche $ 44 Candied salmon, pickled onion, crispy capers, boursin toast $ 38 Seared ahi tuna, wonton cracker, wasabi avocado aioli, mango relish (minimum order of 5 dozen) $ 44