Web Creation Policy | Page 4

LOOK AND FEEL The look and feel of a site refers to its aesthetics, functionality and navigation. While we do not expect or want all sites to mirror each other in these aspects, all University sites should, at minimum, be noticeably associated with Life University. Functionally, this serves to enhance the visitor’s experience, so they are not repeatedly looking for the navigation, search or other features in new places on each Universityassociated site. A general unified look helps in promoting a unified marketing message across all University sites. Therefore, all website developers should work with the Marketing Department to determine to what extent a site could, and should, deviate from the University’s brand. At the very minimum, this would entail including the University logo and a link back to LIFE.edu. Note, even at this minimum level of unified look, the site’s inclusion of the University logo will be taken by the public, and specifically provided for by this policy, as a sign of University endorsement. All parties must therefore work to ensure the accuracy of all content. MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT Details of content maintenance will be worked out with the Marketing Department during the project planning. Please consider the importance of content maintenance and management while planning your project submission since outdated or inaccurate information reflects poorly on the site’s owner, Life University. Life University Website Creation Guide | 4