Web Creation Policy | Page 3

CONTENT All content for all Life University websites must, at minimum, support the University’s mission. However, departments may have additional guidelines and restrictions, in line with those of the University’s, for their websites. All published content must be accurate and current. For this reason, rather than reproducing and republishing general University information or course descriptions, pages should link back to the appropriate page(s) on the University’s website. Site developers should use engaging content, such as images, photos and video. This type of content usually has large file sizes that may frustrate visitors who have slow connections or those on mobile devices. The use of such content, therefore, should be guided in part by the intended audience, the location of the intended audience and its technical capabilities. Content should not include any advertising. However, Life University eventsites may identify and link to sponsors of those events. Content Violations Content that violates local or federal law, or infringes University policy, may be subject to immediate removal. Listed below are some types of inappropriate content: • • • • • • Libelous statements Use and/or distribution of pirated (illegally obtained) software, sound or video files Use and/or distribution of destructive software Illegal use of copyrighted material Use of pornographic or lascivious material Pages that redirect or link to sites with any of the previously listed materials Life University Website Creation Guide | 3