We Ride Sport and Trail Magazine October 2018 - Page 9


In 2015, we started talking about riding the Grand Canyon Mules to Phantom Ranch, staying overnight and riding the South Kaibab Trail out the next morning. For another two years, that’s all we did, talk about it. A tad to our dismay, two sets of friends rode the Canyon after hearing us “talk” about it. Finally, Jim, now in his late 60’s, asked, “Are we going to do this or not…you know I’m not getting any younger?”

As seasoned cowboys, we were not worried about his ability to ride the Canyon, after all we have logged several 40-mile day-rides. That said, it was time to get this trip planned. We narrowed down the months we would prefer to ride, settling on the first part of September.

Riding the

Grand Canyon



Phantom Ranch