We Feed You Retail magazine - Page 18

Frequently asked questions How have you determined your portion sizes? We want you to be satisfied by our meal but we also don’t want to provide oversized portions because it’s far too easy to simply finish your plate, regardless of how hungry you are. The weights of our meals vary between 300-450g due to the different weights of various ingredients (rice weighs much less than chickpeas, for example). What’s the best way to prepare We Feed You meals? All meals can be cooked in the microwave or oven. Check out the specific information on the base of each meal for cooking times and instructions. Meals are best heated directly from frozen.  How long will my meals last in the freezer? A ‘best before’ date is clearly listed on the packaging of every We Feed You meal. We give our meals a shelf life of 9 months, which you will find on your nutrition label. Food can last longer than this in the freezer but because we don’t use preservatives or emulsifiers, we prefer you stick to the 'best before' date. Do you support local producers? Absolutely! Our meals are made by hand in our commercial kitchen in Port Melbourne, Victoria and our produce is sourced locally as much as possible. Our outer cardboard sleeves and black inner trays are also made here in Australia and are both recyclable.