We Feed You Retail magazine - Page 17

Working together  1. You are operating a food retail business serving customers who appreciate high quality and nutritious food, and are looking for ultimate convenience.  2. In store, you will be able to dedicate freezer space to displaying or store meals. Most of our retailers operate 8+ and typically move to 12 - 16 lines, with some stores stocking the full range.  3. For display freezers, We Feed You will supply a shelf management tray or shelf ready packaging for each line to ensure meals present well. Each tray holds 7 meals. It is the retailer's responsibility to rotate the stock and ensure it is well positioned in the store for visibility and easy access.   4. We will deliver the meals to you on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on turnover and will agree in advance minimum order sizes. Delivery days will depend on your location, opening times and our delivery schedule.  5. We can provide social media communications as required to support initial launch and ongoing marketing.