We Feed You Retail magazine - Page 11

Refer to website for current and full list of meals: www.wefeedyou.com.au Chilli Beef Con Carne with Green Peppers & Sweetcorn Lean ground beef cooked down with beans and chipotle, cumin and smokey paprika, then finished with green peppers, corn and fresh coriander. Delicious on it's own or create your own Mexican feast by adding cheese, tortillas, fresh tomato and avocado. Just Puttanesca Sauce - Serve with Your Favourite Pasta! Traditional Italian rich tomato based sauce with capers, black olives and anchovies. Heat and serve with your favourite pasta. Fragrant Chicken Curry with Coriander Brown Rice A request from our customers for a healthy curry lead to the creation of this Indian murgh makhani (Butter Chicken) inspired meal. It’s a classic and a crowd pleaser.