WE-BE MAGAZINE December 2013's Mini Flash Mag #4 | Page 8

Ms. Teen Fraser Valley This past month, WE-BE Magazine not only photographed the beautiful Miss. Teen Fraser Valley, Brittany Clough, but also had the opportunity to interview her! Brittany is a sweet-hearted young lady, who possesses a star-studded personality. She loves to sing, act, speak publicly about topics she is passionate about and gives to the people of her community and the BC area, generously her time as a volunteer. Brittany never needs a reason to help or be kind to someone; it’s just in her nature to reach out. As Miss. Teen Fraser Valley, her platform was built on the subject of selfesteem. She feels passionately that no one should ever feel worthless, or not good enough to meet their goals and dreams. This past year Brittany organized a weeklong challenge called ‘Beautiful You’, which entailed participants to look honestly at how they felt about themselves. And for one week Brittany encouraged those who participated to believe in themselves, and helped them in an inspirational way to realize how much negativity one may feel unconsciously towards one self. Each day she gave them a different task (ex. mark down each negative thought you have, make a list of all the positive things in your life etc…) they would write down their experiences throughout the day and then at the end of the day reflect back on what came up for them while they did the challenge. ! ! WE-BE: What made you want to become Ms. Fraser Valley? ! Brittany: I was looking up scholarships online, and Ms. Fraser Valley came up somehow. I had never really looked into pageants before, but I am always eager to try something new! It was a new experience and I decided to go for it, and it included everything I am interested in--like volunteering and public speaking. ! ! WE-BE: What are some of your favourite memories of the past year? ! ! Brittany: I have had a lot of fun putting together ‘Beautiful You’ because self-esteem is my platform. Being able to set up ‘Beautiful You’ was perfect because it is about increasing self-esteem in girls. Another great experience was when I was invited to speak in Victoria about self-esteem. And of course, traveling to Toronto for Ms. Canada World was great as well because I have never been there before, and I got to meet a number of girls from all across Canada! !