WDW Magazine Preview August 2022 - Page 8

PROGRESS NEVER STOPS In July 2022 , the PeopleMover updated its narration audio . The audio is now presented by ORAC-5 , a fifth-generation update to ORAC ( the commuter computer ) that narrated an earlier version of the script in the late 1980s and early ‘ 90s . The core of the narration is the same , but there are lots of subtle tweaks and new references — most notably the inclusion of the upcoming TRON Lightcycle / Run , which you can spot from the PeopleMover ’ s highway in the sky .
Spot this rendering of Walt ’ s vision for EPCOT while aboard the PeopleMover . PHOTO BY DANNY SHUSTER
TOMORROWLAND MAGIC How does the Tomorrowland Transit PeopleMover work ? I have three words for you : linear induction motors . If they don ’ t mean much to you , well , that ’ s OK — you can just decide , as I have , that it ’ s Imagineer Magic™ ( patent pending ) and ignore the next sentence . But for those of you who like to know how things work , the mechanics of the PeopleMover are quite simple : Magnets pull the elevated tram along its track .
WHY YOU SHOULD RIDE THE PEOPLEMOVER So , OK , you know more about the PeopleMover than you ever expected to . But why , you ask , would I ever want to wait in line as long as you did to ride it , Cathy ? Good question . Aside from an off-yourfeet , 10-minute break ( much of it in air conditioning ), the PeopleMover can show you things you absolutely cannot see anywhere else . what Walt had initially hoped EPCOT would be . You can also see a futuristic hair salon diorama , a bird ’ s-eye view of the entirety of Tomorrowland , and — although some folks , like me , don ’ t consider this a perk , others do — a unique view of behindthe-green-wall construction of new attractions , like TRON .
And , of course , as my short-lived high school boyfriend always wanted to see ,
if something goes awry ( the “ BBs on the track ” idea , as far as I can tell , is actually an urban legend ), you might see the lights on for Space Mountain .
It remains one of the few places in Magic Kingdom where you can still glimpse slivers of Walt Disney ’ s hand at work , including the model for “ Progress City ”—
The PeopleMover is a 10-minute ride along the highway in the sky . PHOTO BY JUDD HELMS


AUG . 9 , 1989

On this day , Disney erected the Tower of Life outside the former Wonders of Life Pavilion . This 75-foot-tall replica of human DNA shepherded guests into the pavilion to experience attractions like Body Wars and Cranium Command . Learn more about the history of the Wonders of Life Pavilion and its iconic DNA structure on the blog .

AUG . 15 , 1999

Just one summer after its sister , the Disney Magic , the Disney Wonder embarked on its maiden voyage , a fournight Bahamian cruise . Ready to get your sea legs ? Read more about the history of the Disney Wonder over on the blog .