WDW Magazine Preview August 2022 - Page 7

WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE PEOPLEMOVER Of course , some of the fun of the PeopleMover doesn ’ t necessitate riding it at all , but knowing fun facts about it . Here are a few you can drop the next time you ’ re waiting in line for the PeopleMover or if you ’ re trying to impress your Disney-loving pals with your wild knowledge of PeopleMover trivia and history .
Once upon a time , Tomorrowland at Disneyland boasted amazing Mary Blair murals . These murals were best seen at eye level from the PeopleMover . The symbolism in the murals was pretty nifty , too : Blair created abstract satellites that connected all the children in what would otherwise appear to be a misplaced “ it ’ s a small world ” mural .
Goodyear received some gentle mocking for sponsoring the Disneyland attraction . Goodyear sponsored the Disneyland attraction from 1967 to 1981 , and the imminent sponsorship caught the attention of the LA Times ’ auto editor , who penned an op-ed that taunted Goodyear , saying , “ Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co . demonstrated Wednesday that it may be working at cross-purposes with itself — that is , infringing on the market for its primary product , the automobile tire — with a new transportation concept . And it happened in the fantasy atmosphere of Disneyland .”
Goodyear ’ s CEO simply responded , “ You may ask , isn ’ t your business really tires ? The answer is simply that Goodyear is basically in the transportation business .”
The masked announcer . Jack Wagner narrated the script that the Walt Disney World Resort attraction used for the first 10 years . Don ’ t recognize the name ? Wagner narrated a host of things for the theme parks , but fans of the vintage show “ The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet ” know him as the owner of the malt shop . Today , the script has changed , and you won ’ t hear Wagner ’ s dulcet narration , but you can get a ( predictable ) chuckle when you hear someone paging Tom Morrow .
The PeopleMover had its beginnings at the 1964 World ’ s Fair . Walt Disney helped create a similar attraction that inspired him to create the PeopleMover .
Tunnel of Love ? If it ’ s G-rated ! Sure , teenage me found it tempting — and thrilling — to steal a kiss with my boyfriend as we zipped through the dark tunnels , but if you ’ re tempted today , remember : Disney has cameras everywhere . Keep it G-rated , folks , but sure , grab a snuggle and a smooch . People have been doing this since the invention of the PeopleMover , long may it glide .