WDW Magazine Preview August 2022 - Page 4



How This Classic Attraction Pays Homage to the Best of Disney History

Earlier this year , I waited in line for more than an hour to ride the PeopleMover at Magic Kingdom . This made me simultaneously jubilant and despondent : Jubilant because , if popularity marks longevity of an attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort , the PeopleMover ’ s fate seems secure ; despondent because I love the increasingly hard-to-find-at-Magic- Kingdom solitude that the PeopleMover affords me .

Even as a kid , long before Space Mountain filled me with anxiety ( thanks a lot , high school boyfriend who joked , at the apex of the ride , that he was going to throw BBs on the track to make the ride stop ), I adored the PeopleMover . The relaxing ride , the feeling of spying on other attractions , and the sudden slow-speed turns all made this used-tobe-all-but-ignored attraction one of the highlights of Tomorrowland .