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From the outside , not much has changed at the Imagination Pavilion . STATE ARCHIVES OF FLORIDA
That ’ s how , in an almost Geppetto and Pinocchio type of scenario , Dreamfinder first created Figment in the ride — a true figment of Dreamfinder ’ s imagination . Then in his innocent and endearing way , Figment took a turn collecting inspiration of his own at the direction of the Dreamfinder .
Storing When the Dreamcatcher was full , Dreamfinder told Figment that they ’ d need to stop by the Dreamport , where the items he collected would be stored for future use . Riders followed along into the Dreamport , where Figment ’ s sparks of inspiration were housed along with other creative oddities like a giant coffee pot , molecular structures , a “ deep thoughts ” tank , and a file cabinet full of sounds .
The Dreamport served as a symbolic representation of our memories . As Dreamfinder said , “ The Dreamport is never far away when you use your imagination !”
Recombining From there , guests journeyed with Dreamfinder and Figment through four Realms of Imagination : Art , Literature , Performing Arts , and Science . As Figment learned more about the world around him , he challenged himself to create new things by using items collected in the first scene . For example , the rainbow collected earlier became an artist ’ s brush , and the lightning bolt inspired a spooky story .
Dreamfinder and Figment were introduced to the public before the ride opened , increasing their popularity among fans .
In the final scene , guests saw film strips of Figment trying out different pastimes , such as a mountain climbing , sailing ,
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