WDW Magazine History Sampler - Page 3


We ’ re taking you back in time , and you don ’ t even need to ride a Time Rover through a toaster to get there ! OK , so we ’ re not going back to the dinosaurs , but allllll the way back to the ye olde 1970s at Walt Disney World .

At WDW Magazine , we love Disney nostalgia as much as you do , so our issues always have Disney history to discover . For some of us , that means sparking memories of park days past , and for others , it means learning the history of your favorite attractions .
We packed these three features with interviews and rarely-seen photos that unearth long-lost moments in time :
March 2021 — One Little Spark : A Journey into Imagination Past


February 2021 — Tapestry of Nations : Remembering that Timeless Connection
October 2020 — This is Halloween : A History of Haunting Magic Kingdom
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Without further ado … let ’ s travel through time !