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The original ImageWorks is said to still be intact , hidden behind a current DVC lounge area in the glass pyramid .
The DVC Members lounge inside the glass pyramid . COURTNEY REYNOLDS
So , taking a cue from Dreamfinder ’ s ride script , he began to collect and store guests ’ responses to Figment . “ Everyone thinks they ’ re having a spontaneous and totally original reaction , but they ’ re not .” In Schneider ’ s observation , there were only about four or five ways that people would react to a guy with a dragon . He recombined those responses and reactions in new ways with each guest … and thus , the journey of imagination continued beyond the ride .
THE MESSAGE Schneider recognized that all of EPCOT , and specifically the Imagination Pavillion , were themed around the message of inspiration . “ I had this message . I wanted to do something that would bring the character and the message to life in faceto-face interactions with the guests .
As a child , the message of Journey Into Imagination resonated loud and clear with me . With a little spark of imagination , I could be anything I wanted to be , just like Figment in that final scene . ImageWorks and Dreamfinder solidified that message with an ongoing invitation to dream big . With such an infusion of positivity and confidence , it ’ s no wonder that Imagination was a favorite for so many people ."
THE LEGACY Much to the dismay of Disney fans , the original Journey Into Imagination closed in 1989 . Journey Into Your Imagination replaced it in 1999 , but that version was met with such negative feedback that it only lasted for two years .
Today ’ s version of the ride — Journey Into Imagination With Figment — is a response to fans ’ feedback . People missed Dreamfinder and Figment . And though Dreamfinder wasn ’ t included in the current version , Disney did incorporate Figment and the “ One Little Spark ” song alongside the exploration of senses .
Many Disney purists long for a return to the original theming of Imagination . Even creator Tony Baxter has publicly called for a revamping of the ride along with a possible Imagination movie . Time will tell if that spark could become something more .
Ah , but it ’ s fun to reminisce , isn ’ t it ? Opening this Imagination time capsule feels a bit like entering our own Dreamport . And we know what can happen from there …
“ A dream can be a dream come true , with just one spark in me and you !”
… absolutely anything we can imagine !
( song lyrics credit : The Sherman Brothers , 1983 )
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