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CLIENT PROFILE Mobile Patrol Drivers operate eco-friendly patrol vehicles equipped with advanced GPS tracking devices supported by a trained Mobile Patrol Supervisor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also perform periodic security checks and general patrol services at times determined by client needs. Home Watch is an increasingly popular service due to individuals leaving for vacation for extended periods of time, and offers scheduled checkups. That can include interior and exterior checks, inspections of heating and water systems, garages and appliances, and even mail pickup and watering plants. Footprints Security has 35 vehicles in its fleet to serve Vancouver Island Security Training for the industry, which means security workers with the proper training can use handcuffs for restraining individuals if necessary. A loss prevention store detective might be the position that would need to use that the most, if at all. Footprints Security holds certification for ISO 9001:2015 for Total Quality Management, which includes structured quality control and monitoring of ongoing management improvement programs. “Our adherence to the principles of ISO ensures that we are continually reassessing our clients’ needs, and adjusting our services where required, based on our customized ISO database,” he notes. ASIS International Board Certification acknowledges the company’s mastery of core security principles and skills essential to the best practices of security management, and Footprints has completed the Climate Smart (Lean and Green) program to become fully certified. “We are now identified as a leading organization that tracks and takes action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions,” Simon states. “By discovering ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we are socially conscious.” Of the services offered by Footprints, uniformed and plain clothes security professionals are the most visible, deterring illegal activity and safeguarding assets and individuals from harm. They are effective at high occurrence sites like construction sites, shopping centres, strip malls, office buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, as well as homes. They help prevent vehicle theft, theft of merchandise or capital, vandalism, robbery, trespassing and other criminal activity. “Our security professionals monitor premises, escort personnel, and are an overall presence to deter illegal activity,” Simon points out. “Our team members can also act as reliable witnesses, appearing before courts to ensure justice is served.” Plain clothes security provides covert protection of people and property, while the mobile patrol security units are more costeffective solutions to reduce risk to client sites and property. “STATISTICS SHOW THAT A RESIDENCE IS THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE BROKEN INTO AND INVADED WITHOUT ANY HOME SECURITY,” COLLERY STATES. Special Event Security is designed for private and public events with either uniformed or plain clothes security, including for high profile individuals. It is suitable for concerts, music festivals, arenas and sporting centres, school events, corporate functions, political events and weddings. Guest Services staff are SuperHost trained, and there is also Concierge for door watching at events, as well as First Aid Attendants. The wide array of services offered has contributed to Footprints Security’s growth, but Collery is a strong believer that it is the people within the company that ultimately makes the difference. “Our people and the reputations they earn provides us with consistency day in and day out, and we constantly hear good things about our people,” he says. “If we lose some business or don’t get it right away, we often get it back. We enjoy what we’re doing, and we hope to keep doing it for another 40 plus years.” FootprintsSecurity.com + 8