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MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE WAYPOINT XROADS: PEACE OF MIND FOR THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED Every motorcycle owner knows that part of the joy of owning and riding bikes is the ability to seek adventure and freedom. To stay away from main roads and explore some of the back areas of the countryside that people don’t often go to. It’s less about being efficient in driving from Point A to Point B and more about being curious about some of those turns you don’t usually take. Even so, motorcycles are also one of the most statistically dangerous modes of transportation. The danger can come from road conditions, from the way the bikes are designed to ride (where a pothole could become a life or death situation), or, more often, from other people on the road. Regardless of the reasons behind the danger, having a way to protect yourself and your vehicle is of paramount importance. A crossroad is a road that runs diagonally to main roads. That is exactly what Waypoint XRoads Motorcycle Policy aims to be. For those that choose the freedom and adventure of owning and riding a bike, having the right policy to fit that lifestyle is key. Obviously, basic insurance is going to cover liabilities to others and property should an accident occur, but is that really enough? A motorcycle wreck is more likely to cause massive damage to the bike itself and the rider and less likely to cause harm to someone else. That is why choosing the right policy is a bit more difficult than standard automotive policies may be. What does Waypoint XRoads do for you? Just to name a few of the perks: • Replacement Cost coverage for new motorcycles • Accident forgiveness—a single loss every three-year period won’t affect your discount • Up to $2,000 of riding gear is automatically covered • Travel protection to help you get home with your bike in the event of an accident, subject to policy limits • Emergency roadside expenses • Lock rekeying—up to $1,000 per year • Theft coverage • Multiple discounts, including multibike credits • Monthly payment plans Plans are flexible, many discounts are available, and they can be tailored to you and your lifestyle. All of that comes with great premiums, and it can often be combined with other coverages you may have for multipolicy discounts. Best of all, the policy covers you all year long, whether you are on the road or not. Staying protected and safe on the road (and backroads) is important. We treat it that way. Reach out and contact us to find out how we can help keep you safe or click on Waypoint.ca/start-a-quote, call us at 310-8442 or email info@waypoint. ca. + 29