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COMMERCIAL DATA AND CYBER PROTECTION 18 SUMMERS 18 YOU ONLY HAVE SUMMERS Cyber protection for small businesses moving at the speed of technology. Recent headlines have shown how cyberattacks are impacting businesses of all sizes. It’s not just massive corporations being hit anymore. Small businesses are increasingly targeted too. We’ve developed one of the most comprehensive cyber coverages in Canada for small businesses at an affordable price. We’ve paid a lot of attention to the details because cyberattacks hit small companies like yours the hardest. From stolen laptops and phishing scams to ransomware and cyberattacks, Padlock keeps you protected. TO FIND OUT MORE, CONTACT YOUR WAYPOINT BROKER. goremutual.ca Please see the policy wordings for full coverage details. The actual wording of a policy governs all situations. Coverage offering subject to individual risk eligibility and criteria. Joel Weldon is in his mid-70s, but if you met him, you’d guess he’s in his 50s. He still goes waterskiing with his family. He’s also one of the best speaking coaches in the world. A few years ago when Joel and I were developing some talks for board meetings, we got into a deep conversation about family and how fleeting time really is. That day, Joel said something that reshaped my entire perspective on family and the time I spend with my kids: “Jim, you’ve got 18 summers. You understand what I’m saying? You’ve really only got those 18 summers together with your kids. That’s it. Sure they’ll still be your kids after that, but I’m telling you, it’s different. You gotta grab those 18 summers and really make the most of them. And boy, do they go by quick!” A lot of you who are reading this are probably doing the simple math right now for each of your kids. Crazy, isn’t it?! And I really felt under the gun with my adopted sons since I didn’t adopt them until ages five and seven. This gave me a positive push to grab the time that we’ve got together. You can’t stop time and you can’t ignore this simple math equation. So this summer, why not really step into it? Get done what you need to and go home early. Put the smartphone away! You’ve got a lifetime of emails and social media ahead of you, but you’ve only got 18 summers with your kids. (Some of you probably missed a few summers already because of busywork and iPhone interruptions.) This summer can be different. It’s just starting and you now know the math. You’ve got 18 summers. Go grab this one. + Jim Sheils developed the Family Board Meeting process to help business owners bridge the gaps between themselves and their loved ones. Since then, both Jim’s message and his book, the Amazon best seller "The Family Board Meeting," have spread around the globe. Often called “Crazy Glue” for families, Jim’s popular and simple frameworks now reach thousands of parents worldwide, helping them feel more connected with their kids, be happier at home and leave a lasting legacy. JimSheils.com