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No matter where on Vancouver Island you live , blocked drains , heavy rains , sewer backups , burst pipes , leaking roofs , and melting snow and ice can all lead to one of the most common and costly threats to a business owner and homeowner — water damage .

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada , storms and floods have increased in frequency by a factor of twenty over the past two decades , making overland flooding the most frequently occurring natural disaster and the one that affects the most people worldwide .
At Waypoint , we recognize the growing risk and are here to help ensure you have the right coverage for your business and home .
Under a standard commercial policy , flood is excluded unless specifically added to the policy . In the past , flood was included at no additional premium ; however , with the changing climate and many flood incidents across Canada , flood is now underwritten closely . In some cases , it is either not being offered or the deductible is high . Flood is not to be confused with sewer backup , which is defined as water entering a building via sewer drain , sump , septic tank , eaves trough , or downspout .
We can help you with coverage for your home too . Waypoint now offers overland flood coverage to protect your home and contents . Historically , overland flood coverage was not an option for personal property policies , but within the last few years , insurers have reacted to the changing climate and developed coverage to fit the needs of their insureds . While we cannot offer the product to everyone , the large majority of our customers will have coverage available to them .
A little prevention goes a long way . Below are a few ways to protect your home or business from water damage :
• Remove leaves and snow gathering in and around your eaves troughs and ensure they are draining away from the building .
• At least once a year , check that all of your windows and doors are secure and recaulk as needed to help prevent water from seeping in .
• Inspect and repair foundation wall cracks .
• Before winter arrives , disconnect any outside water hoses and , if possible , shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets .
• Use dams , reservoirs , and levees to divert flood water .
• Plant vegetation to retain extra water in troublesome areas .
• Locate the plumbing shutoff valve in case of emergency .
• Visually check your water heater for failure signs every two months .
• Check the condition of washing machine , dishwasher , and refrigerator water hoses for cracks , leaks , or deterioration and replace , if necessary .
Here at Waypoint , we want to make sure you have the right coverage for your personal and business needs . Please contact any one of our branches to connect with one of our insurance specialists to learn more about your insurance options . +
Shawna Lussier has been assisting Campbell River residents with insurance services for over 23 years . Her passion for finding solutions and providing guidance has led to her development as a specialist in complex commercial insurance risks . To contact Shawna or any one of the Waypoint professionals , call 310-8442 or visit us online at waypointinsurance . ca