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feature ENOUGH! By: Donna M. Williams The conference, “Desperate For Jesus,” was live streamed and its timing was just right for me. I was at a crossroads where I absolutely needed a conference full of sound doctrine delivered by women filled with the fervor of the Lord. One speaker asked a question that grabbed my attention: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I often think of things I would love to do, but too often my “thinks” are trumped by the fear of not being enough to take on the task. In spite of fear, of this I am sure: To walk in the assurance of “I Am Enough,” I must concretize in me a faith that is not just the reciting of Hebrews 11:1, but rather it is the daily faith practice through which I make every decision, knowing that faith is not predicated on how I feel, but it is founded on what I know to be truth (John 17:17). The apostle Paul’s truth becomes my truth as well, that it is in God that I live and move and have my being. The only reason I am enough is because El Shaddai, the All Sufficient One, is the source of my power and resilience. Based on that truth, I move forward. In Psalm 139:14, I find four faith steps: Step 1) I will continually praise You, O God, for it is by your will that I have life. I do not take credit for my existence for I know that all that I am is by your sovereign design, therefore, I Am Enough Step 2) With great reverence and wonder You created me, O God, from the inside out you created me to proclaim your greatness to all generations, therefore, I Am Enough. Step 3) I am Your creation, O God, and all Your works are marvelous, of that I am sure (Psalm 8). I shall not disparage the works of Your hands (Me), therefore, I Am Enough. Step 4) When I continually acknowledge with all my soul (mind/will/emotions) that I am the creation of the Ineffable, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient God, then I will consistently embrace the truth that I Am Enough for His purpose, His call, His plan. Ephesians 2:10 reminds me of another truth: For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Some years ago I studied the word “workmanship” in this verse. It translates to the idea that we are the field in which God works. God works in me (Philippians 2:13) to prepare me for the works already assigned to me. Dare I question His handiwork in the field that is “me?” I think not, yet that is exactly what I do when I believe I am not enough. When fear raises its ugly head and doubts assail, I will remember I am “Fearfully and Wonderfully made,” created by the Master for His Master Plan. No Worries. I Am Enough. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SPECIAL VIDEO DONNA MADE FOR THE “I AM ENOUGH” CONFERENCE Page 17 ‫ ׀‬I AM ENOUGH Page 14 ‫ ׀‬www.waterwalkingwomen.org