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conference speaker feature continues GAIL BURKS-STANSELL WWW: How has the Lord met you in your desert when you did not think you were enough? GS: God has met me in my “desert” moments on so many occasions by reminding me through His Word that my being enough is not contingent upon anything other than what He has already done or said concerning me. WWW: How do you rise above the world’s view about your identity? GS: My life situations will change, people’s opinion of me will change and there will be days when I even doubt if “I am enough”, but it doesn’t matter because! none of this will ever trump what God has already said and done concerning me. As a result, it allows me to filter the world’s view of my identity through the lens of what I know God has already said. This means I don’t take my cues on my worth or identity from the world, but instead I find my worth in God, and He always reassures me I am enough in Him! Our Mission Statement:     Spotlight Our Vision: Helping women see themselves as the Father sees them. The “Spotlight Blog Writer” program is two-fold as it relates to our vision: ( 1 ) Sending weekly blogs will aid in bringing both our mission & vision statements to fruition and ( 2 ) women who operate in their God giving gift are more likely to see themselves as God sees them – purposeful! Blog Writer Program What the program entails:      "The buoyancy of unsinkable hope is inflated by gentle women who fearlessly fight with faith, love and prayer." – Pastor Gregory Sanders Search God’s Word Study God’s Word Stand on God’s Word Share God’s Word Share ( 4 ) Contextually Sound Blogs that will produce HOPE. Blogs are to be up to ( 4 ) paragraphs of “REAL” life situations. Relate to our 2013 Theme – “I’m Back” and the current month’s focus. Submit your draft by Monday and final by Wednesday at 5pm PST. Water Walking Women will share the blogs through eblasts, posts on social media and their blog site. It’s Easy to Get Started:  Simply send your inquiry to info@waterwalkingwomen.org along with a sample or a blog site that hosts your latest blogs. AND We will connect with you ~ ta-daa!!! Happy Blogging!