Water Walking Women Digital Magazine - Page 12

conference speaker feature continues PASTOR LATERRA RUFFIN & OTHER NEAT STUFF WWW: What advice would you give your younger self on “I Am Enough”? LR: My younger self owned and breathed the Word of God. Psalm 139:14 still echoes through my core from the hood of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the hotels of Indian Wells, California: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." "Younger LaTerra" heard, owned and breathed (on inhale and exhale) the Words from His mouth! Insomuch, what more can be added when His Word charges, fuels, aligns, forms, establishes, safe-guards, declares, reveals, intensifies, motivates, enlightens, propels, trumps, directs, eternally empowers and produces beyond measure? Nada! Rien! Nothing! WWW: How do you live and breathe, “I Am Enough” without being confused for being conceited? LR: Everything hinges on Jesus! As the eternal example, His mission innately positioned Him for all levels of opinions, conclusions and haters to arise. One cannot escape darted false interpretations en route to destiny, vision-fulfilled and purpose exclaimed. It comes with the "I Am Enough" process and package! Page 11 ‫ ׀‬I AM ENOUGH Page 20 ‫ ׀‬www.waterwalkingwomen.org