Water Walking Women Digital Magazine - Page 11

conference speaker feature YVONNE LEE WWW: When feeling overlooked and underappreciated, how do you move forward? YL: The only way we can move forward is to first realize that "WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO." It is a trick of the enemy that makes us feel like we’ve been counted out, but God knows our end from the beginning and says, “Be patient Daughter, you are enough”. Knowing that God is working everything out for my good, and His Divine purpose, gives me the strength to keep moving forward. WWW: What is “Worldview-Its”? YL: It is an infection that the enemy exposes us to. MARVINA “COOKY” LEVY WWW: When did you discover that you were uniquely designed? ML: I don’t recall a specific time; however, when I began to seriously study God’s Word, I gradually realized there was more to me than I previously thought! WWW: What makes it hard to say, “I Am Enough”? ML: This was hard for me to say at first because I felt I was not acknowledging God. Page 21 ‫ ׀‬I AM ENOUGH LENESHA TONEY WWW: How do we really change the way we think about ourselves? LT: We change the way we think about ourselves in three ways: Study. Practice. Acceptance. 1) Study. Study what the One who actually created you says about you. You will never know how awesome and fabulous you are until you hear it from the One who created you! 2) Practice. Practice saying those things to yourself. Write yourself notes that say 'God loves me with an everlasting love!' Put reminders in your calendar that say 'I'm more than a conqueror!' 3) ACCEPT His love for you. ACCEPT the beauty He sees in you. ACCEPT the destiny He has for your life and make steps daily to walk it out. This is a learned behavior. And this time don't go back! WWW: What advice would you give someone who has believed the lie of Satan that they are not worth love from God or man? LT: For the person who thinks they are not worth Gods love or man’s love I say this: Even before my DNA ever existed, the Counsel of God (Father, Son & Spirit) decided I was worth loving. So much so that they concurred in harmony with each other to give the beloved gift of Jesus to die for me... God loves you. You must accept that to fully live your life on purpose with His purpose! Don't believe the lie of the enemy that says you are not worth Gods love. Loving you was GOD'S final decision!!!! And His decision is the one you must accept even when you don't fully understand it! A promise to hold on to: For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does. Psalm 33:4 ♡ Page 10 ‫ ׀‬www.waterwalkingwomen.org