Water, Sewage & Effluent May June 2019 - Page 34

industrial production. Water is needed in the production of almost every single product we use on a daily basis. Industrial plants producing anything from chemical, oil and gas to food and beverages all need vast amounts of water. Water in utilities involves the various auxiliary processes that go into the With the broadest scope of operation, wastewater is present in every industry and pH is a crucial factor in the wastewater treatment processes. Hennie Pretorius, Endress+Hauser Industry manager for Water and Wastewater Industries. 32 Water is one of the most important raw materials for industrial production. Water is needed in the production of almost every single product we use on a daily basis. provisioning of process water, boiler feedwater, steam, cooling water or wastewater. Of the mentioned processes, steam generation has the highest costs associated with it, and therefore has the most potential for cost savings. As a rule, water needs to be treated before it is introduced into a process to ensure water quality and compliance to the specifications of the industrial process. There is a strong demand for solutions to recycle and reuse wastewater, for financial, legal requirements and regulations. By reusing water in industrial processes Water Sewage & Effluent May/June 2019 businesses can decrease the amount of wastewater they produce and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Water recycling can also lower costs in regions where the price of potable water is high or where water supply is unreliable. Recycling is one of the key ways to reduce water consumption since water can be reused several times over. Inadequate water treatment and inferior water quality can critically impact technical facilities, equipment and products. Analytical measuring technology is therefore very important for utilities. While utilities may be ‘auxiliary processes’ they are in no way insignificant. Depending on the industry, utility applications account for a large portion of the liquid analysis instruments used in industrial water plants. “As Endress+Hauser, we are a relied-upon supplier of process instrumentation in water and wastewater treatment plants in all industries. We have achieved specific successes with analytical instrumentation during previous years in desalination plants, wastewater www.waterafrica.co.za