Water, Sewage & Effluent May June 2019 - Page 33

www.waterafrica.co.za Water Sewage & Effluent May/June 2019 31 innovations One definition is that utilities form part of the production facilities that is a service to production but is not part of the core manufacturing process. Utilities comprises of water, air, gas, electricity and steam. Water is one of the most important raw materials for What is meant by ‘utilities’? W e know that factors like climate change, increasing population and industrialisation intensifies water scarcity. Solutions such as water abstraction from groundwater and rivers must be controlled to avoid irreversible damage to the local water balance. Various challenges introduced by contamination result in treatment for safe drinking water to be more and more difficult, and this, in turn, results in more complex processes that need careful monitoring to ensure water safety. Industry has a responsibility to fulfil environmental legislations, while at the same time managing their risk in the water treatment process. While risk management systems and water safety plans to reduce the risk of contamination of potable water during abstraction, treatment and distribution are in place in most industries, safety plans stipulate that documentation management, instrument verification and maintenance strategies support the advanced quality management system. This demands a high level of automation and online instrumentation. Extracting key metering and monitoring information can help reduce operating costs, maximise feedwater quality and reduce the amount of preparation required. Water analysis panels, for example, monitor a wide range of parameters in all industries and their utilities.