Water, Sewage & Effluent May-June 2017 - Page 33

In any working environment where the safety of people depends upon the quality of the products used for walkways, cutting corners could be a recipe for disaster. Probably the most commonly known of all walkway products in the industry is the Mentis RS40 floor grating. The most important factor in flooring is the load-bearing capacity of the product. The design, engineering, and manufacture of steel floor grating products have particular relevance to their structural integrity, and floor grating should always be viewed as an engineered product. It is formed through a process of compressive locking of the load-bearing flat bars (bearer bars) and the round bar transversals to form an exact 40mm 2 pitch with openings of 35.5mm × 32.4mm, and is designed with specific load- bearing characteristics. Quality imperative in engineered walkway products Engineered walkway materials incorporating RS40 grating.